The safety of our students, their families and the staff is our top priority. Rules will be determined by the Governor of Virginia. At this time:

1-Students will be greeted at the front door check in (outside)  where their temperature will be taken. 

2-Masks will be worn over the nose and mouth at all times (unless drinking from their water bottle or eating their snack.)

3. Students and staff will remain at a 3 foot distance from each other. Youngest campers will be assigned a designated spot.

4.-Parents & guardians will not be allowed inside the theatre until the Showcase (with masks.)

5.-Students will bring their personal items in a backpack that will include a refillable water bottle, small snack, clean shoes, script, pencil and mask.

6. Students are to dress in comfortable clothes and bring clean closed toed shoes or sneakers in backpack.

7.-The theatre will be cleaned and disinfected prior to arrival and after.

8.-Student will not be allowed to participate in person if they have Covid or have been exposed to Covid. There are no refunds. 

9. Students will be led outside to meet up with their parent or guardian at the end of each class.